Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sergeant Allan Visits Room18

This week we had a visitor to tell us all about his job as part of our unit on Careers and Occupations. It was pretty cool! We found out so much about their important role in our community.

We liked how you told us that police officers have different jobs to do and there is a kid's jail as well. We also liked the part where we got to try the handcuffs. We think that you are a kind police officer. We liked the part where you told us that the taser has things like fish hooks and it sticks to your body. - Aakrish and Shyla

We really liked touching the equipment you brought in. We really liked putting our hands in your hand cuffs. Both of us enjoyed everything that we did with you.
We both loved having you teach us about police officers. We hope you can come again sometime this year. - Jisha and Amelia

We learnt police have pepper spray and they spray people who are running away from them. It was our first time looking at real things. The handcuffs were really interesting because they were not as heavy as I thought they would be. When we put on the handcuffs it was really amazing because it had been our first time putting it on. It had a key so we don’t get stuck. We liked the baton because it was amazing when you flick it, it is really cool. We also liked it because we got to shake it. - Aryan and Ayush


Some of the things a police officer needs are handcuffs, guns, pepper spray, police jacket and a radio. We now know more about police officers. We all hope you will always catch the criminals. - Jay and Eashan

Thank you for letting us have a try on your handcuffs and play with your baton as well and your other stuff.  I did not know that your vest can be heavy. Or that there is a children’s jail. I did not know that, too. I never knew that police officers have a lot of equipment to fight criminals. Also, I did not know that police officers get a medal. You are the kindest policeman that we ever had. - Bailey and Amy 


Mr Allan, we liked when you put the handcuffs on Room 18. We also liked the police officer baton and the pepper spray story. - Roelani and Aleeza

Thank you for taking your time to come in and teach us a lot of important parts of your police officer job. We really enjoyed the stories that you told us and thank you for answering our questions.
We learned a lot about your equipment.  We learned there are lots of police who have a taser. We never knew that there were two wires in the taser.  The two wires had to get into the skin to work and we never even knew a thing about that.  
I thought that you had salt spray in the pocket but it was a pepper spray.  The story that you told was really funny.  It must have been annoying to have pepper spray in the eyes, maybe uncomfortable. Let’s hope that it does not happen again.
Those trials of real handcuffs were so cool! That was my first experience with a real pair of handcuffs. We hope we will have another chance to have a play with those handcuffs.
We loved your visit and all the stories you told us.  We hope we will see you again. - Caleb and Ayaan

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dice in a Corner

Room 18 love Friday Maths challenges.

Here are some recent picks of us solving the "Dice in a Corner" challenge from the nrich Maths site. See link: Dice in a Corner

This is the challenge:
"Three dice are sitting in the corner with the simple rule that where two faces touch they must be the same numbers.
So, in the first picture above there are 3421
In the second picture above there are 4323
Use your own dice (you could use two or three or more...)
What total have you made?
Can you make a different one?
How many different ones can you make?
Now for a challenge -  arrange dice (using at least 2 dice and up to as many as you like) in a line in the corner, so that the faces you can see add up to 1818
in as many ways as possible.
Each line of dice must be along or up a wall (or two walls).  A line going up is counted the same as a line going along. Remember the dice must touch face to face and have the same numbers touching.

 We are getting so much better at working together to solve mathematical problems. Collaborative capability is a great skill to have as it develops our ability to reason, justify and work towards a common goal.

 As you can see we had a lot of fun finding different spots to work in and discussing our strategies in a small group.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Arriving Early and Ready

It's so lovely to see the children quietly playing games, chatting and hanging out together before school.
Christopher, John and Jesse practising their chess moves
This is such a great time of the day to get to know your classmates, spend some time doing fun activities with your friends and getting ready for the day ahead.

A Jenga challenge for Aishwarya and Bella
So why not leave home a few minutes earlier in the morning to be able to join in and really start the day well?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to 2017

Kia ora koutou and welcome to 2017 in Room 18!
The class of 2017 is a wonderful bunch of 28 students in Y3 and Y4. We have 13 girls and 15 boys, and 13 Y3 children and 15 Y4 children.

The year is well underway and we are busy, busy, busy. We have been completing lots of tests and our reading, writing and maths programmes are jam-packed and lots of fun.

We are super excited about the three swimming lessons we are having this term which are on Tuesday in Wk3 and Wk5 and Friday in Wk7.

We are also hosting the school assembly on Monday of Wk6 this term.

If you haven't had the chance already, do pop in and see us sometime,

Room 18 students and Miss Rands-Trevor